Dr. Boozman's Check-up

During Chester Lee Bean’s 90th birthday celebration, he had a special surprise- a medal presentation in recognition of his service to our country. 

Bean served in the U.S. Navy during WWII aboard the USS Raleigh. He continued his service in the Naval Reserve in Fort Smith following the war.  

For his service and dedication he earned the Navy Good Conduct medal, WWII Victory medal, American Campaign medal and the Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal. 

“(The medals) bring back memories of me – some I like and some I don’t – and make me think back on my time and about my friends,” Bean told the Times Record. 

I am proud of the efforts of my staff to honor our veterans and ensure they are recognized with the medals they earned for their service.  Col. Anita Deason (Ret) serves as a Military and Veterans Liaison for my office. She works with the Department of Defense to obtain the medals our veterans earned, but never received.  

“Mr. Bean, you have the heart of a servant,” Deason said during the presentation that 5News captured on video. 

You can watch the medal presentation here.

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