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WASHINGTON– U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) said that today’s announcement by President Obama giving Americans who receive health insurance cancellation notices the ability to keep their coverage is “not a real solution.”

“The President is just trying to shift the blame for policy cancellations to the insurance companies. His solution is for them to work it out somehow, essentially letting Americans keep their insurance for another year, only to have it taken it away after the election. It’s not a real solution and it will likely result in further pains for the American people. The only real fix is to repeal and replace Obamacare,” Boozman said. 

“If the President plans to just ignore the parts of the law that don’t work, then he better prepare to ignore the entire law. With 20,000 pages of regulation and a trillion dollars’ worth of taxes, he has created a program that is completely inoperable,” Boozman added.

Prior to the President’s announcement, Republican Senators took to the floor to show real-life examples of Americans who are suffering under Obamacare, Boozman highlighted the awful position a Little Rock resident is now in as a result of the President’s law. 

Boozman described an email he received from a constituent who has been forced out of the insurance he likes, the very insurance that President Obama promised he would be able to keep. As a result, he will see a 25 percent increase in his deductible and a 300 percent increase in his monthly premiums which will rise from $285 a month to $850 a month.

Boozman said the story is “representative of what thousands are going through in Arkansas.”

“We are trying to provide a voice to millions of Americans who are in need of real health care reform. Obamacare is not the answer. They know that. It is time for the President to own up to that fact as well,” Boozman said.  

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