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WASHINGTON–U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) released the following on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to strip the Senate Minority of its rights in relation to Presidential nominations:

“This was an act of desperation by the Senate Majority to distract from a disastrous few weeks. Senator Reid’s willingness to break the rules to change the rules so he could divert attention from Obamacare’s failures is understandable given how disastrous the program’s rollout has been. The problem for Senator Reid is that this power grab only turns the spotlight brighter on Obamacare.    

As millions of Americans begin to lose their health insurance, we see what happens when President Obama and Senator Reid force their agenda through to get their way. Much like today’s power grab, Obamacare was forced on the nation by similar strong-arm tactics. Of course they would like you to forget that, which is why they are trying to change the subject to judicial nominations.

The first two years of President Obama’s administration were the glory days for the President and Senator Reid. When Americans saw the results of an unchecked Obama Administration, they voted to bring some balance to Washington. Clearly, that did not sit well with Senator Reid who has threatened ever since to go ‘nuclear.’

One of the great things about the Senate is that it is an ongoing, living body. Unlike House members who are up for reelection every two years, Senate rules carry over into the new session of Congress. Senator Reid broke the rules, changed the rules and, at some point, is going to regret this decision.”

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